At 68 to 72 HRC, our high speed Hard Chrome process yields one of the hardest deposits currently available with very high wear and corrosion resistance properties. Designed for demanding industrial applications such as locomotive engines and mining equipment, our Hard Chrome chemistry is ideal for precision injection molds, compression molds, and putrusion/extrusion dies where efficient release throughout a maximized production cycle is critical. Our process yields functional hard chromium deposits with micro-hardness values in the range of 1,000 - 1,150 KHN, and deposits micro-cracked at greater than 1,000 cracks per inch.

  • standard and high-build
  • flash chrome
  • glazed chrome
  • engineered chrome


One large capacity hard chrome bath for components up to 20 tons

  • tank size = 12'-0" length  X  8'-0" width  X  6'-0" depth                      

Two medium capacity hard chrome baths for components up to 10 tons

  • tank A size = 5'-0" length  X  3'-0" width  X  3'-6" depth
  • tank B size = 3'-0" length  X  3'-0" width  X  3'-6" depth


One of the most critical and esoteric aspects of the chrome plating process is fabrication of conforming anodes. Each component to be chrome plated requires a custom anode designed to the component's specific form and geometry. Only a proficiently crafted anode can yield an even chrome disbursement and consistent deposit thickness over the plated surfaces. Our master anode technician has 25 years of experience with over 5,000 conforming anode fabrications completed.