In order to meet our environmental impact responsibilities, our environmental process controls must meet stringent Federal and State EPA standards, as well as municipal and County standards. Compliance with these environmental standards is an absolute requirement, however, we feel compelled to aim beyond them.

Developed in coordination with our environmental engineering consultant, our process control plan is based on a 'Zero-Discharge' model where no process contaminants are discharged to the atmosphere or local waste-water treatment infrastructures.

Our chrome process lines utilize a state of the art emissions control system that exceeds stringent EPA requirements and also exceeds the highly stringent emissions standards of the state of California. This multi-stage wet HEPA system removes contaminants and re-circulates purified air back to the workshop areas in a closed purification loop with no discharge to outside air.

Waste products from chrome and nickel processes are incrementally removed and transported off-site for processing by licensed and supervised disposal contractors.